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VFX Director


Through art, Luciano communicates with the world, using painting as a creative outlet to express himself and make a meaningful impact. In 2023, he achieved recognition as a finalist in the esteemed Art Renewal Center's 16th International ARC hosted by Sotheby's NY.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Luciano is an artist and the Co-founder/Owner and VFX Director at CLAN VFX (, a renowned Brazilian VFX company. With nearly two decades in the Visual Computer Graphics industry, he has received numerous awards, including a nomination at the Latin Grammy Awards 2019 for Best Music Video. He earned a spot among the top 5 Latin Grammy nominees.

His accomplishments extend to being a finalist in the WHEXT 2019 for Best Art Direction, honoring professionals in audiovisual advertising production.

Luciano serves as an Executive Jury member at the 2021 CICLOPE Festival, a global community of crafters, and his artistic expertise contributes to the festival's status as the flagship event for talented industry professionals worldwide.

Luciano's credentials include:
Being an Autodesk Master 2009.
A Master Max Nominee for 2007 and 2008.
Winning the Master Award in digital art books ELEMENTAL 1 and ELEMENTAL 2, along with the Excellence Award in the EXPOSÉ 3.

As a VFX Director with almost two decades of experience, Luciano collaborates with top agencies and directors, providing insights into brand foundation and identity. His expertise ensures that pre- and post-production commercials showcase originality with personalized artistic treatment and high technology.

Throughout his fifteen-year industry journey, Luciano has worked with various companies, including the Swiss engineering company Nüssli AG, contributing to technical catalogs and 3D presentations for events like the Olympic Games.

2012, Luciano Neves and Luiz Adriano founded CLAN VFX, swiftly gaining industry prominence. CLAN VFX's success is evident in contributions to major platforms like Netflix, HBO, and others, showcasing their ability to deliver top-notch visual effects and post-production services.

Renowned artist Luciano Neves, showcased in the "Mountain Men | Season 12" opening on the History Channel, adeptly illustrates the beauty of nature and its main characters. Each stroke showcases Neves' talent, conveying the mountains' grandeur and elevating the program to artistic excellence.

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