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Special session at Melies University.

Chaos Group and V-Ray Masters had the pleasure to have Luciano Neves and the ClanVFX team to join us for the Ciclo de Palestras VFX, a special event held at Faculdade Melies de Tecnologia. During a whole afternoon, Luciano and his team shared Clan’s expertise on creating high quality films for TV, advertisement and much more.

From technical lectures such as George Damiani’s take on Clan’s rendering pipeline using V-Ray, to a more inspirational presentation by Luciano Neves on production pipeline covering the entire process behing the creation of Clan's masterful pieces, leadership and professionalism, attendees had the unique opportunity of meeting some of Brazil’s greatest artists and have them sharing their experiences. We at V-Ray Masters are definitely looking forward to our next event together!

Ricardo Eloy.

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